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1-7 Nutritive Value and Fodder Potential of Different Sweet Sorghum Genotypes under Mediterranean Conditions Ilker INAL, Celal YUCEL, Derya YUCEL, Rustu HATIPOGLU
8-17 Variations Among Maize (Zea mays L.) Hybrids in Response to Heat Stress: Hybrids Selection Criteria Muhammad Irfan YOUSAF, Muhammad Husnain BHATTI, Aamir GHANI, Aamar SHEHZAD, Aamir HUSSAIN, Rahil SHAHZAD, Muhammad Asad HAFEEZ, Mudassar ABBAS, Muhammad Umer KHALID, Naeem AKHTER
18-24 Combined Foliage Application of Zinc and Boron Improves Achene Yield, Oil Quality and Net Returns in Sunflower Hybrids under an Arid Climate Ahmad SHER, Abdul SATTAR, Muhammad IJAZ, Ahmad NAWAZ, Tauqeer Ahmad YASIR, Mubshar HUSSAIN and Muhammad YASEEN
25-34 Effects of Different Water Stress Levels on Biomass Yield and Agronomic Traits of Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) Varieties under Semi-Arid Conditio Erdal GONULAL, Suleyman SOYLU, Mehmet SAHIN
35-43 Interaction of Dzr1, Opaque-2 and Normal Endosperm Maize Inbred Lines for Grain Yield and Protein Quality Sekip ERDAL, Ahmet OZTURK, Rahime CENGIZ, Mehmet PAMUKCU, Cuneyt DINCER, Bulent CENGIZ
44-53 Determination of the Forage Yield and Growth Parameters of Maize (Zea mays L.) with Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) Intercropping at Different Plant Mixtu Yakup Onur KOCA
54-59 Field Performance of Different Seedling Types Used in Sweet Potato [Ipomea batatas (L.) Lam] Growing Gulsum OZTURK
60-70 Combining Ability and Gene Actions for Gluten Rheological Traits of “Line×Tester” Bread Wheat Hybrids Imren KUTLU, Yasar KARADUMAN
71-78 Multi-Environment Trial Analysis by Parametrıc and Non-Parametric Stability Parameters for Seed Yield in Winter Rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) Genotypes Yasemin ERDOGDU, Enver ESENDAL
79-87 Determination of Some Agronomic and Quality Traits of Peanut Varieties with Different Pod Characteristics at Different Harvesting Times in Main Crop Halil BAKAL, Halis ARIOGLU
88-95 Effect of Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers, or their Combinations on Yield and Quality Components of Oil Seed Sunflower in a Semi-Arid Environment Firat SEFAOGLU, Hatice OZTURK, Erdogan OZTURK, Murat SEZEK, Zehra TOKTAY, Taskin POLAT
96-102 Combining Ability and Hybrid Vigor in Interspecific (Gossypium hirsutum L. x Gossypium barbadense L.) Line x Tester Hybrids of Cotton Guven BORZAN, Ramazan Sadet GUVERCIN
103-110 Integrating Different Stability Models to Investigate High Yielding Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) Genotypes Hasan KOC
111-116 Development of Japonica Type Cytoplasmic Male Sterile (Cms) Rice Lines for Commercial Hybrid Rice in Mediterranean Ecological Condition Rasim UNAN
117-122 Evaluation of Antimicrobial Activity in Extracts of Different Parts of Three Tagetes Species Elnaz LATIFIAN, Cigdem OTUR, Busra ABANOZ-SECGİN, Sahane Funda ARSLANOGLU, Aslıhan KURT-KIZILDOGAN
123-128 Tuber Size Effects on Yield and Number of Potato Minitubers of Commercial Varieties in a Greenhouse Production System Ercan OZKAYNAK
129-138 Possibility of Combining High Yield and Resistance to Fusarium Wilt Disease using Molecular Markers in 4 Élite Sesame Lines Ayman Saber ANTER, Ghada M. SAMAHA