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100-106 The Effect of Rhızobıum Inoculatıon and Nıtrogen Applıcatıon on Various Agronomical and Quality Characteristics of Peanut Grown as a Main Crop Ferrin Ferda ASIK, H. Halis ARIOGLU
107-113 Effect of Different Sowing Dates on the Grain Yield and Some Yield Characteristics of Teff [Eragrostis teff (Zucc.) Trotter] Hakan GEREN, Tugce OZDOGAN CAVDAR, Aleksandar SIMIC, Zeljko S. DZELETOVIC
114-121 The Floral and Scent Characteristics of Lavandin from the Micropropagation and Cutting Propagation Nimet KARA, Hasan BAYDAR
122-130 Heterosis and Combining Ability through Line × Tester Analysıs for Yield, Oil and Mid or High Oleic Acid Characters in Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L. Leyla OZTURK AKAR, Abdurrahim Tanju GOKSOY, Semra YANIKOGLU, Sezgin KIZIK
131-137 New Potato Breeding Clones for Regional Testing in Western Turkey Gulsum OZTURK, Zihin YILDIRIM
138-146 Improving Yield and Quality in Spring-Sown Alfalfa with Annual Companion Crops Ugur BASARAN, Erdem GULUMSER, Medine COPUR DOGRUSOZ, Hanife MUT
147-155 Combining Ability for Carbohydrate Components Associated with Consumer Preferences in Tropical Sweet and Waxy Corn Derived from Exotic Germplasm Aphakorn FUENGTEE, Abil DERMAIL, Sakunkan SIMLA, Kamol LERTRAT, Jirawat SANITCHON, Sompong CHANKAEW, Bhalang SURIHARN
156-160 Heritability of Waterlogging Tolerance in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Aydin UNAY, Serap SIMSEK
161-167 Determination of Seeding Rate in the Blue Melilot (Melilotus caeruleus (L.) Desr.) for Forage Yield and Some Quality Features under Subtropical Condit Hazim Serkan TENIKECIER, Ertan ATES
168-173 Effects of Animal Grazing on Allowed Forage Yield and Quality of Rangelands with Different Slope Sedat SEVEROGLU, Mehmet Kerim GULLAP
174-180 Tuber Characteristics of Disease Free Meristem Clones of Some Potato Genotypes Gulsum OZTURK, Zihin YILDIRIM
181-189 Effects of Glomus mosseae and Pseudomonas fluorescens on Eco-Physiological Traits and Antioxidant Production of Mung Bean under Drought Condition Mohammad SALEHI, Ali FARAMARZI, Manoochehr FARBOODI, Nasser MOHEBALIPOUR, Jalil AJALLI
190-196 The Effect of Sewage Sludge Applications on Yield and Quality of Vetch + Barley Mixture Seda RAJABI KHIABANI, A. Esen CELEN
197-207 Comparison of Methods for Dry Matter Content Determination in Potato Using Multi-Environments Field Data and Stability Statistics Muhammad NAEEM, Mehmet Emin CALISKAN
208-215 Decision Making on Nitrogen Management of Oat (Avena sativa) Using Grain Yield Potential and Nitrogen Use Efficiency Onur HOCAOGLU, Mevlut AKCURA
216-226 Evaluating Short Stature and High Yielding Maize Hybrids in Multiple Environments using Gge Biplot and Ammi Models Asgar AHMED, Akbar HOSSAIN, Md. AMIRUZZAMAN, Md. Ashraful ALAM, Muhammad FAROOQ, Ayman EL SABAGH, Ferhat KIZILGECI
227-235 Effects of Sowing Date and Genotype on Oil Content and Main Fatty Acid Composition in Camelina [Camelina sativa L. (Crantz)] Orhan KURT, Merve GORE
236-244 Effect of Drought Stress on Yield and Quality Traits of Common Wheat during Grain Filling Stage Ozgur TATAR, Ugur CAKALOGULLARI, Fatma AYKUT TONK, Deniz ISTIPLILER, Recep KARAKOC
245-253 Population Structure and Linkage Disequilibrium Analyses of Model Plant Brachypodium distachion Through Ipbs Markers Pinar GUNER, Duygu ATES, Metin TUNA, Muhammed Bahattin TANYOLAC